About Us

Hello and Welcome!  Whether you're new to Perch, or have been one of our many loyal followers over the past several decades, we would love to share a little bit about us and our vision of bringing you the best in home fragrance

Since that very first day in 1995, we have specialized in dazzlingly fresh fragrances fashioned from complex blends of natural ingredients, all captured in pure, all vegetable apricot wax candles and home fragrance products.  The comforting atmosphere created when a Perch is lit and enjoyed is the carefully crafted handiwork of home fragrance pioneer Art Maruyama, and it’s also the quality that makes Perch and other brands that Art has directed, an eternally popular commodity. 

Art discovered his passion for vibrant scents - and, ultimately, his inspiration for his first candle label right in his own backyard. When he was younger, it was a tangerine tree behind his house that he recalls so vividly, “the biggest, most fragrant tangerines I’ve ever seen,”. The piquant scent that emanated from that fresh citrus as his mother sliced it into juicy wedges left his senses tingling. The memory stirs his emotions even today. So, it was fitting that when Art decided to try his hand at candle making, his first scent creation would be “Tangier”, a luscious super blend of tangerine, vanilla and other high energy citrus notes. In 1993, he began experimenting in his apartment kitchen, recreating a childhood memory through a fragrance that perfectly mimicked the sweetness of his favorite fruit in a brilliantly made, hand-poured candle. Turns out, Art was not the tangerine’s only fan.  He began selling his wares at local farmer’s market events in and around Los Angeles and soon found himself with a loyal following, all clamoring for more. From that humble beginning many, many years ago to the library of fragrance brands which Art has nurtured and built, his romance for fragrance and nostalgia continue today. Back in the early 90’s, he was among the first candle makers to introduce soy, a relatively new and very underrepresented material. Since then, the industry has exploded and evolved into amazing things.  He is, and his wonderful story proves to be, an original. 

Each item born from our Los Angeles workshop is carefully hand crafted by skilled women artisans using traditional methods of candle making from generations past. No conveyer belts, labeling machines, pouring wands - here, it's all done by hand. With care. With love. Everyday. These very techniques have guided our passion over the years to bring wonderful and meaningful scented products to your space. Back then, and even more so today, we are super proud to have been amongst only a few brands that ushered in the home fragrance sensation to what the current markets are today. Thanks for sharing in our passion, life dream and above all, your comfort.

For Art, the core of home fragrance is about the vibrant memories, passions, and youthful effervescence that come flooding back with the slightest whiff of a familiar fragrance. His cleverly adapted slogan "Life Smells Great.®", truly embodies his passion for life and all things that make us smile.