Summer is here...

Welcome to the season of sunshine, laughter, and endless adventures. As the warmth of the sun envelops us and the days grow longer, let's embrace the beauty and vitality of fragrances that transport us to distant places and return cherished memories. Relish the scents of the season with elevated fragrances from sweet fruits, to sophisticated woods and ambers. You'll find everything you need to dive into the most vibrant , pick-me-up scents.

Discover Wonderful

We are Perch. Always polished, innovative and committed to sustainability and our environment, we have set the standard for premium artisan home fragrance. For over 25 years our cornerstone has been supporting small business. Hand crafted from our workshop in Los Angeles by master chandlers, using the best of everything, we really love what we do and hope our creations inspire you at home, abroad or wherever Life Smells Great.®

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Apricot Clean

We love eco-friendly living. Our proprietary all vegetable Apricot Wax is just that. Made from apricot kernel, it provides a clean, non-toxic base and beautiful platform to build perfect, multi-dimensional fragrance. We want your home to be a safe, enjoyable toxic-free space. Here's our product commitment to you...

No Parabens

No Additives

No Sulfates

No Dyes

No Alcohol

No Phthalates

Cruelty Free

No Diethyl Phthalates